Email Marketing Campaign

The goal of our email marketing solution is to provide you with the necessary tools to increase the efficiency of your email campaigns, regardless of the size of your subscriber list. Built specifically for you, our solution gives you the utmost control and a product you’ll be proud to call your own.


Custom Workflow

Each company is unique, and we believe your email marketing solution should fit your exact needs. We build your workflow from the ground up. You tell us everything you need, and we make it a reality.


Rest assured that your emails are delivered as we operate our servers from a state-of-the-art facility. This also ensures that your subscribers personal information is safe and used only as intended by you.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics are essential to the success of your marketing campaign. We provide you with mobile vs desktop detection, opened and time accessed data, social interaction numbers, and hard vs soft bounce data.

Scheduling and Segmentation

Our solution enables you to have complete control over when and to whom you want your email campaigns sent to. Schedule your campaign by day, time, region, or subscriber traits.

Roles and Permissions

Our platform is flexible and different users have different tasks. Assign specific roles and permissions to different people to ensure they see only what they need to see to accomplish their job. 

A/B Testing

Tests only work if they allow you to see the results you actually need in order to improve your click-through rate. Run A/B tests by subject line, from names, pre-headers, send dates and times, and layout.

List Enhancer

Building the contact list is essential to the success of any email campaign. We have made it simple to easily increase your contact list by importing from your hard drive or mail clients.

Subscriber control

Give your subscribers more than just an unsubscribe option. By giving them the power to choose which list they want to be apart of, you increase your ability to retain your valuable subscribers.

...More Features

Multiple Image Upload
Auto-respond for New Subscribers
Convenient Contact Upload
Unlimited Storage
Excel-Generated Analytical Report
Image Archive with Search Function

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